The use of UV or visible light in chemical reactions is well established, including its merit of being very green technology. Thanks to LED lighting advancements and new photoredox catalysts utilizing visible light, a plethora of, until recently, ‘forbidden’ reactions have now been successfully applied to the development of new modalities and scaffolds. At Symeres, we have been optimizing photochemistry methods for over 20 years, initially starting with UV-induced isomerization of vitamin D and related derivatives. Now our services within the photochemistry arena span the following:

  • High-throughput library synthesis (for example, [2+2] cycloadditions) using photoflow setups, giving access to hundreds of novel compounds with high sp3 character, a wide range of bicyclic scaffolds, and so forth.
  • The use of screening devices and a range of photocatalysts to identify the best conditions for specific new transformations, for example, metal-catalyzed C–N coupling and decarboxylative C–C and C–X bond formation.
  • The scale up of photochemical processes up to kg productions using setups derived from readily available lights (LED and UV-C), batch-type vessels, or continuous-flow hardware, keeping engineering principles in mind for the highest possible photon efficiency.

For the use of photochemistry at any stage of your drug development, Symeres is the partner of choice.

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