Stable Isotope-Labeled Compounds


Stable isotope-labeled compounds are exceptional tools for identifying and understanding chemical and biological processes. 2D-, 13C-, and 15N-labeled compounds play key roles in the analysis of drug metabolites and agrochemicals, reaction mechanism and kinetic studies, the development of sensitive mass spectrometry and nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy probes, as well as DMPK studies.[1],[2],[3]

table isotope labelled compounds in research Symeres
Figure 1. Examples of the application of stable isotope-labeled compounds in different areas of research.

Symeres has synthesized hundreds of stable isotope-labeled compounds with our clients in the last decades and can assist you with your needs.

Synthesis of Stable Isotope-Labeled Compounds
The incorporation of isotopes into an organic compound can be performed by employing two main methods, namely, direct use of isotope-containing commercially available precursors followed by the subsequent synthesis of desired compounds, and, in the case of deuterium-containing molecules, hydrogen/deuterium exchange reactions. Both principles are employed at Symeres for the introduction of single or multiple isotopes.

We offer not only custom synthesis services but also a broad range of stable isotope-labeled compounds available for purchase (see catalog at Chiralix – Symeres company), allowing you to choose the most suitable approach for your research.

Figure 2. Examples of stable isotope-labeled compounds available at Symeres.

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