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  • A decade of integrated drug discovery at Symeres

    Symeres celebrates a decade of integrated drug discovery. Our team has been working hard to provide our clients with the best possible solutions for their needs.

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  • Crystalline and liquid crystalline 25-hydroxy-cholest-5-en-3-sulfate sodium and methods for preparing same (Organix)

    Number: US 2023/0056273 A1

  • Triazole derivatives and their use as tankyrase inhibitors

    Number: WO 2022/008896 A1

  • Conjugate of saponin, oligonucleotide and galnac

    Number: WO 2022/055351 A1

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Latest publications

  • Contemporary Chiral Resolutions

    Article: Chim. Oggi., 2023, 41 (2)

  • Comparative biochemical kinase activity analysis identifies rivoceranibas a highly selective VEGFR2 inhibitor (Oncolines)

    Article: Cancer Chemother Pharmacol., 2023 (6), 491-499

  • DT-0111: a novel P2X3 receptor antagonist (Organix)

    Article: Purinergic Signalling, 2023

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