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  • A decade of integrated drug discovery at Symeres

    Symeres celebrates a decade of integrated drug discovery. Our team has been working hard to provide our clients with the best possible solutions for their needs.

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  • Symeres welcomes Karen Damian to the team

    We introduce you to our newest Director of Business Development. Karen Damian has a history in the drug development life sciences business.

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  • π-Facial selectivity in the Diels–Alder reaction of glucosamine-based chiral furans and maleimides

    Symeres explorations into opportunities to access novel chemical space by using carbohydrates as sustainable chiral starting materials for library synthesis has led to yet another publication.

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  • Interview with the Computer-Aided Drug Design (CADD) Department

    Our Computer Aided Drug Design department supports our clients’ drug discovery projects with some of the best (predictive) software.

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  • “If the compound can be made, Symeres will undoubtedly find out a good way to make it.”

    An in-depth interview with Doo Young Jung, the founder and CEO of our client PinotBio in South Korea, focused on the challenge of cancer resistance/relapse

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  • An interview with Yadan Chen and Paul O’Shea

    We are pleased to introduce the founders of Symeres’ daughter company Exemplify in New Jersey: Yadan Chen, CEO, and Paul O’Shea, Chief Scientific Officer. Who are they? What do they stand for? And how does Exemplify fit with Symeres?

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  • We’re expanding our laboratory facilities in Boston

    To continue supporting our clients, our daughter company Organix needs more room. The new facility will help us expand our services.

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  • Symeres acquires Oncolines, further strengthening its drug discovery and biology capabilities

    We are proud to announce the acquisition of Oncolines, a Netherlands-based CRO that provides early biology services and cell-line profiling assays.

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  • Symeres CZ passed commercial inspection

    We’re very keen on keeping our GMP facilities up to date according to the latest standards.

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  • Symeres acquires Exemplify BioPharma, further strengthening its strategic foothold in the US

    Another strategic move. Exemplify has expertise and consultancy services in Process Chemistry, expertise and consultancy services in Process Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, and Formulation Development.

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  • Symeres to host final of Dutch Chemistry Olympiad 2025

    What seems far away will be here before you know it. With our footprint in the Netherlands and our roots in chemistry, we are proud to have been asked to sponsor this event.

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  • An interview with Anu Mahadevan and Paul Blundell

    We proudly introduce the founders of Symeres’ daughter company Organix in Boston: Anu Mahadevan, CEO, and Paul Blundell, President at Organix. Who are they? What do they stand for? And how does Organix fit with Symeres?

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